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Lang Smoker 84 From California

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I'm not new to smoking meat but Im new to my Lang smoker 84. Im joining the smoker meat forum to lean what all you do to make juicy food. Right now on my Lang Ive cook only chicken perfect. Ive cook brisket and tritip and both came out dry. Not sure what Im doing wrong but Im here to learn. Ive smoke on a webber grill using indirect with wood chips and had amazing results. Im looking to get the same results with my Lang Smoker.


Im sure I will be doing a lot of posting here in 2014

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texas.gifHello and welcome from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of information and great people that are willing to throw in their two cents worth on about anything.   Nice Smoker !!!



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Big move, from a Weber to a Lang 84. Cool! Temp control and moisture is the key. Put a large water pan in the smoker, and figure out where your temps are 225-250. Watch Aaron Franklins videos on YouTube, on how to cook on a stick burner.
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Got a smoke for pulled pork and good ribs. I have to learn to make all bbq. I buy a second pit that I can cook over fire. Looking for a Santa maria grill with a lid.
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Nice rig, you will not regret joining this forum. These folks are a wealth of knowledge and I can't begin to tell ya all I've learned here. Welcome, WHB.

P.S. Who's your driver ??
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Carl Edwards

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Awesome, ole #99 is good people. I like Carl, can't wait til the 500. Hope all is going good with your smoker. WHB
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I bout a 36 inch long rolled 1/4 steel today the same as my smoker. Im planning on adding to it next week. Trying to make a santa maria grill out of it. 

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