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Awesome bbd, I really think ya will love the mavs. Every hard worker deserves a "me time gift" every now and then ! Could not be happier for ya and please let us know how ya like them... Hope ya like your new Mavs as much as I like mine (about 2 mo. old). Congrats on the plunge ... WHB. yahoo.gifgrilling_smilie.gifsausage.gificon14.gif
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Got em!!! Tested them in boiling water, both were reading 203°(im at about 5300ft above sea level) figured that was pretty damn close so calibrated my dial thermometers to the same. Stopped on my way home and picked up another tri tip to test em out tomorrow. Going to rtv and heat shrink around the probe openings, should I make one of those boxes with the pvc bends to ekeep things dry? Or just still and grommet the side of the smoker and call it a day?
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I think my chamber temps have been wrong all along, by the Taylors I marked the gauge on the smoke hollow(about 40° difference). Well this morning I put heart shrink on all the probes, booked water had all 4 maverick probes reading 201°, decided to take the gauge off the front of the smoker, cleaned it real good and my marks off and this was the result! Am I the only smoke hollow owner with an accurate gauge?

Obviously I'll check it against the mav once the smokers hot, but this would explain some of my faster times and more well done cooks!
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