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need bologna recipe

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Hey i just got a new Brinkman Gourmet Charcoal Smoker Grill and i wanted to make some deer bologna on it as my first round of smoking. I have a recipe for deer bologna, but it takes liquid smoke. I was just wondering if anyone has any good recipes for 5-10 lbs of deer meat. I prefer to mix my own seasoning and not use the store bought seasoning packets. Thanks
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I've used this one before with beef and pork fat and it turned out really well.  I've added chopped pickled jalapenos, mustard seed, and a few other goodies a few times as well.


This recipe comes from


Meats Metric US
beef 700 g 1.54 lb.
pork trimmings 300 g 0.66 lb.

Ingredients per 1000g (1 kg) of meat

salt 18 g 3 tsp.
Cure #1 2.5 g ½ tsp.
white pepper 2.0 g 1 tsp.
paprika 2.0 g 1 tsp.
allspice 2.0 g 1 tsp.
coriander 2.0 g 1 tsp.
water 150 g ⅝ cup


  1. Grind meats through 3/16” plate (5 mm). Keep lean meats separately from fat trimmings. Refreeze and grind again. Refreeze again and grind through 1/8” (3 mm) plate.
  2. Mix lean beef with all ingredients adding ⅓ (50 ml) of cold water. Add lean pork and ⅓ of cold water and mix well. Add fat trimmings and the last ⅓ of water and mix everything well together.
  3. Stuff firmly into 40-60 mm beef middles or fibrous casings. Form 18” (40 cm) long sections. Use butchers twine to reinforce the ends and form a hanging loop.
  4. Hang on smokesticks for one hour.
  5. When sausages feel dry to touch, apply hot smoke 50-60º C (120-140º F) for 2 hours.
  6. Gradually increase smokehouse temperature to 70-77º C (160-170º F), until internal meat temperature reaches 154-158º F(68-70º C). This should take 45-60 minutes or more depending on the size of casings.
  7. Shower with cold water for about 10 minutes.
  8. Hang for 2 hours at room temperature and then place in a refrigerator.




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Thanks. Might give this a try.

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Here is one from NEPAS, I just made again and really like it.


Amish Ring Bologna from Nepas

Old Amish Ring Bologna is made with pork. 

For 2.5 lbs in a couple different ways.

 2 lbs lean pork

1/2lb  back fat


 2 lb pork shoulder

1/2 lb beef heart or wild game.


Grind the meats thru med plate 2x

 2 t salt

1/2 t cure #1

1 t ground mustard, packed

1 t white pepper

1/2 t allspice

1/2 t marjoram

2 garlic cloves chopped fine

1/2 cup fine powder milk (opt)

1/2 cup cold water


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