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Best price on steaks (out of a roast)

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I'm about to have a Valentine's party on 2/15 for about 25 members of my church Sunday school class.  I plan to marinate them overnight, then smoke the steaks and reverse seer them.  I've done this with various steaks and really enjoyed the flavor and tenderness of them.  I'm no expert on meat selection and want to check with my butcher about the best deal on a good thick steak.


Can I get a good Sirloin "roast" and cut it into steaks?  Is there a better cut of meat that I can do this with?

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Are you looking for sirloin steaks, like a boneless sirloin?  Or, sirloin tip steaks, a bit less tender?


Sirloin Steak, Boneless:



Sirloin tip steak, boneless:



On the former, you can buy Beef Sirloin Boneless Top Butts, which are boneless sirloin steaks as a whole piece and cut them to thickness:



On the latter, you can buy Beef Whole Boneless Knuckles without cap, and cut your own also:


(also known as bnls sirloin tip)


The sirloin steak is more tender than the sirloin tip steak but are adjacent to each other:



You can see where the sirloin tip is, and the sirloin steaks are sliced off the top of the loin by the rump; ergo sirloin and sirloin tip relationship.

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Thank you for the informative post.  That is the exact type of information I was hoping to get.  I'll write down the names of what you posted and go see the butcher.  I think that the Beef Sirloin Boneless Top Butt might work fine, but if I can't get it, I'll look for a boneless sirloin tip. 


My thinking is that to appease everyone's varying tastes, I'll make some a little thicker than others and those who like a little warm pink in the middle will get a thicker steak.  Those who want to gray center will get the thinner ones.  I could probe each one prior to reverse searing them, but that is going to be challenging cooking for that many.


:icon_smile: Thanks again! 

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Steaks are nice to do, but for that many and trying to get them all done at the same time, and appease everyone, which you won't do IMO as I see your thought of different thickness, people will talk about why that person's steak is twice as thick as mine.


Please don't take this as being negative only words from someone that has done this type of thing in the past many times, I was usually doing for 50 to 100 people.

Why not make it easy on yourself, and do a brisket or two or chuck roasts if you want cow. You can make some great easy food, that people will rave about and the truth behind the scenes is it wasn't that much work, but will taste like it was.


Put in some nice restaurant size potatoes to smoke while doing the meat, maybe a few yams/sweet taters. Side of bacon wrapped asparagus or roasted brussel sprouts. A nice salad and some wine to complete the meal. Cook peel and cold smoke some eggs for deviled eggs for a little before meal snack.

Most of this is not really time consuming but could turn out very well and be easier and less stressful on the cook, and it will allow you to enjoy the fellowship with your friends.


Don't ask me about desert, not a big sweets guy, but I can tell you something that seems to always be a hit when I make it is what we call Gob Cake around here. I use 2 boxes of Red Velvet cake mix, make one in each of 2 half sheet pans, make a nice smooth butter cream icing or filling and a can or two of cherry pie filling. bake the cakes and allow them to cool spread a nice thick layer of the butter cream on one of the cakes and then top with the pie filling and lay other cake on top. Dust with some powdered sugar. Tip here after you bake your cakes level them off, I use a piece of fishing line stretched tightly across the cake pan and just work it back and forth to level the top to the pan.

Good luck and leave us know what you make and of course a few pics of the great food you made.

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I'd talk to your butcher and let him know what you're looking to do. Perhaps buy the whole roast but pay him extra to do the butchering for you. You should be able to work out a deal that's a significant saving from buying individual steaks one at a time, and if you don't regularly butcher your own meat you can rest easy that the butcher is going to give you evenly-sliced steaks.


Obviously my advice to most people in most situations is "dive in and figure it out", as that's the way I learn. But if I'm cooking for 25 people, and if they're (for lack of a better expression) "church people" who I might actually be trying to impress a little bit, it's not exactly the time to be learning how to butcher a whole roast on the fly.

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I appreciate the input from both of you.  I am not offended and welcome your advice.  If I stick with the steaks idea, I'll definitely have the butcher help with the cuts of meat.  I am going to get a head count and determine my course of action with the meat selection.  I may also smoke a roast for those who are finicky and don't want any pink in the middle of their steaks.  I have smoked a couple real good briskets in the past, but am not really wanting to smoke all day if I can help it.  I can have all the steaks butchered to the same thickness and try to be somewhat "uniform" with all of the steaks. 


Here is a copy and paste of my developing menu.

·        1st Course - Appetizers

o   Smoked potato skins  (green onions, cheese, bacon/pulled pork/BBQ sauce)

o   MOINKS. Buy precooked meat balls, wrap in a 1/2 slice of bacon. Smoke until bacon is crispy. Dip in sauce. Smoke until sauce is tacky. Eat.

o   Jalapeño peppers (bacon wrapped ½ jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese/cheddar, bread crumbs, pulled pork or little smokies)

·        2nd Course – Soup/Salad

o   Brunswick Stew (wife doesn't like this idea so it'll probably be nixed).

o   Salad/Dressing

·        3rd Course – Entrée & sides

o   Smoked steaks

o   Garlic Cheese mashed potatoes

o   Green Beans

o   Dinner Rolls/butter

·        4th Course – Dessert

o   Fondue - (fruit, cake, marshmallows, chocolate)

o   Chocolate-covered strawberries

o   Cheesecakes

·        Drinks

o   Sweet Tea

o   Diet Coke

o   Coffee

We have some fun games planned to include: Valentine’s Pictionary (Guys vs Girls), Guess the Couple - (collect unusual information about couples weddings/marriage), Stack The Hearts (stack conversation heart candy), Not-So-Newlywed Game (use 4 brave couples) and will have a devotional some time throughout the evening.


I'll try to add some pictures.  <-- weird - something that was pasted in the message messed up the formatting...

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Originally Posted by JamesCoste View Post


o   Jalapeño peppers (bacon wrapped ½ jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese/cheddar, bread crumbs, pulled pork or little smokies)


Awesome looking menu and fun night planned, by the way these little guys (stuffed jalapenos) we refer to as ABT's.

Hope all works out for you.

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Atomic Buffalo Turds - well, that is an attractive sounding appetizer.  :icon_redface:  I think I will make placards for them.  Surely there are some great pictures describing a buffalo dropping these things on the ground.

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Originally Posted by JamesCoste View Post

Atomic Buffalo Turds - .  Surely there are some great pictures describing a buffalo dropping these things on the ground.











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