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please help

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How do you produce a dark crust on the bbq ribs. My ribs usually come out with a dark carmel look with little crust. I inserted a picture as an example of what I want mine to look like. Thanks



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You need to use a rub with some sort of sugar in it to form a crust. Look around the forum for a rub recipe you think looks good.

I use either brown or maple sugar on mine.

Good luck!

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  Like mneeley said, a rub with a fair amount of sugar and maybe crank up the temp for the last part of the cook time.



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IMO the ribs in that pic dont even look appetizing
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Originally Posted by Yotzee View Post

IMO the ribs in that pic dont even look appetizing

I agree, but that being said sugar is the key

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Thanks for the advice! People wait in long lines to taste BurnCo Bbq ribs in Tulsa. I agree that it don't look very nice but these ribs taste INCREDIBLE!!! I took this picture from there FB page.
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