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Smoked Turkey

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Two weeks ago for New Years Eve I smoked a 16 lb. turkey. I followed Jeff's recipe (fairly closely) for smoked turkey breast and legs. I quartered the turkey and used Jeff's rub, buttermilk brine and Jeff's BBQ sauce.


IMHO, the turkey was VERY good. VERY, very tasty - wonderful flavor. It was not the most moist turkey I have ever had, but it was adequately moist. I suspect I may have dried it out a bit as the oak fire got out of control once or twice (I was not home monitoring it and it was "baby-sat" by someone inexperienced with the smoker).


My wife and son both said it was the best turkey they had every had. We had three guests over for dinner, all three of whom are fairly serious amateur food connoisseurs. All three said that it was the best turkey they had ever had.


That's all. I just wanted to be on record that I LOVED IT!  Thanks Jeff for all your input and this wonderful forum resource!     :yahoo:


Terry Farrell

Tampa Bay, Florida

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Great Job, glad everything worked out!

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