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Smoked tri-tip sandwiches

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Smoked a USDA Choice tri-tipthis afternoon. The rub is brown sugar, SPG, cayenne, & a touch of Chipotle Chile powder & all spice. Seared it over my pecan fire then smoked it at 235 , pulled it at 140, and let it rest 10 minutes while I grilled peppers & onions. Cut thin with an electric knife . Toasted buns then placed meat & veggies on King's Hawaiian Sandwich rolls & melted cheese under the broiler. Delicious finished product.
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Tri tip makes awesome sandwees! Nice Smoke!!! Can't go wrong with Kings rolls!
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I did some new years. First time doing tri tip and wont be the last. Made some great anti-french dips. Followed the you tube video by fast eddy. Smoked to 120 then did a reverse sear to 140 (wife limes medium). They were great and I will be doing them again
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Awe thanks alot nmaus!


I just drooled all over my keyboard's pointer pad and I'am now stuck on SMF till it dries out!


Cruel, just cruel!


The Q-Views are OUTSTANDING!

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Tri tips are awesome any way you can fix 'em!  Great job on those NM!points1.png

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