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Meyer Lemon Sorbet

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Here's some Meyer Lemon Sorbet that I made yesterday after juicing up some lemons that I harvested from the neighbor's tree:


Simple Syrup:
Mix 1 cup of white surgar into 1 cup of boiling water. Stir to fully dissolved. Cool and chill Syrup over night.

Mix 1 cup of above Simple Syrup with 1 cup of Meyer Lemon juice.

Place mixture into a flat cake type of pan and freeze for 2-3 hours:

After initial freeze, remove pan and break up (fluff) the mixture using something like a wooden spatula. Be quick for it will start to thaw. Put back into freezer for another hour+

Remove from freezer, put the sorbet chunks into a mini food processor and blend it. Keep in mind that this Sorbet will start to thaw out quickly so you need to be quick. If doing multiple batches, keep the partially filled final container in the freezer until you are ready add more. I normally use retired cottage cheese or similar containers for final storage and chill them before filling them up.


Finish product
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I bet that is nice and refreshing!

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That is a nice looking and I'll bet refreshing desert. I have some zip-locks of frozen meyer ice cubes in the freezer.


 I have always been a bit shy of doing sorbet, and I love it. Maybe you've given me that nudge I needed.


Thanks for sharing.

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