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Venison roast

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Today I will be smoking a venison roast. I have had it covered in garlic with a Carolina sauce on it for about 12 hours now. I plan on smoking it with hickory chips for about 4 hours. Pics to come.
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This is how it looks now.
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What are the straws for?
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Oh sorry. They were just to keep my foil from touching the marinade.
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I'll be watching.  I've got an elk roast in the freezer I'm just itching to throw in the smoker.  What IT do you plan on bringing it to?

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The venison turned out really well. I smoked at a temp of around 225 for 3 hours and then took it off and wrapped it for an additional hour. I brought it to an IT of about 130. Everyone was happy with it. Sorry,I forgot about the pics as our dinner guests were arriving as it was getting done.
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