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Smoked pork tenderloin

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I bought some pork tenderloins rubbed them with Jeff's rub and put them in the smoker until they hit 150.
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How were they?
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Sliced it into medallions for sliders. Tasted okay but had a little but of a bitter aftertaste. I didn't use any liquid in my MES for the first time. Could that be the culprit?
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I never use the water pan.

Did you use chips in the chip tray? I use a amazin pellet smoker in my mes.
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I got an AMNPS and it didn't stay lit the first time. I'm ready to try again but was frying pickles so I didn't have time to babysit it. I used apple chips. I may use fewer next time.
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Spend the time to figure out the pellet smoker.

Time will be well spent.
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I chatted with Todd and I'm going to try it again. Is it a lighter smoke flavor with the AMNPS? My kids don't care for the heavier smoke flavor.
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Yup, it gives the good smoke.
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