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The equalization period has ended this weekend. Country ham was rinsed, dried and smoked for 18 hours with a pecan/apple mix. Weight loss was just over 30%, so it is nearing being "ready", however it will be getting a proper aging until the fall. Threw on a brand for good measure :grilling_smilie: Now the long wait.



Being as I had a bunch of extra smoke rolling, I did up a batch or old cheddar and Havarti for a couple hours. Then got bored and ground up some left over pork into a Garlic Polish sausage while I was waiting. Tried a few different wrapping techniques to see which works out better.


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The ham is a beauty..... Nice job...... icon14.gif...icon14.gif
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This is an incredible post. I have learned a lot. Thanks.



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And so the tale of 2 hams comes to a close.... finished off the country ham, after flying it across the country to visit family. Sadly due to the craziness of having everyone around only got a couple pics of it before it disappeared.


Looked online for "proper" preparation instructions - soaked in cold water for 3 days to rehydrate, changing the water every 12 hours to reduce the salt - cooked in a portable oven at low heat until IT was at 160, then rested for about an hour. 


Removed the skin, bone, and then sliced thin. Lots of flavor for sure with the molasses cure. Made a red-eye gravy from the defatted drippings to go along with the ham and the mashed potatoes, also had dinner buns, salad and sweet potato pie to go along with it. Everyone gave it good reviews, so I guess its time to start another one...


the end...

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Wow, now that takes dedication....hats off to you bud, awesome thread!!

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Great thread. Great information.

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If this isn't worthy of POINTS than nothing is....
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