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Pulled Pork Leftovers

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I have 11 pounds of pulled pork in a foil pan leftover from Christmas.  I had frozen it before I read the suggestions on bagging it.  I've been thawing it in the fridge and I'm looking ideas for for reusing it in other dishes


I'm thinking some chili, sandwiches again.  ABT are out of the question for my guests.  What other things could I do with some of the leftovers?

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Tacos, enchiladas, put on frozen pizza, omelette. to name a few

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Pizza and tacos.
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Last time I smoked a shoulde I made empanadas with the leftovers. Mixed the pulled pork with some bbq sauce and cheddar cheese and used that as the filling. Guests seemed to like them. Goya empanada dough is usuallly in the freezer section of my grocery stores and it's really good and easy to use. It's also a great appetizer for a party because you can aassemble them ahead of time and just bake them when you need them.
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I have thought of a couple of ideas for the next left overs I see, (its does happen, rarely)..... I think they would make killer tamales, also thinking I could make a faux boudin with it. Just imagine PP w/ rice in a smoked casing?


My mouth is actually watering thinking about it.

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Nachos.  Yes, I said nachos.  Perhaps the best nachos I've ever had used pulled pork drizzled with a sweet BBQ sauce, cheese, sour cream and chunky salsa.  Jalapenos if you want them.

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I agree on the nacho comment.  I love BBQ nachos.  Chips, cheese, jalapenos, smoked meat, and a little BBQ sauce to keep it sweet.  Love it. 

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One of the posts here last year, used them to top fried potato skins!

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Safest bets… Tacos, Chile, Nachos in that order.  LOL

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Originally Posted by Foamheart View Post

I think they would make killer tamales, 

A lot of work making tamales... But absolutely killer. And beats simmering the meat off a hogs head for 2 days. 


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We make baked potatoes and stuff them with PP and top with BBQ sauce and cheese sauce....
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One of our favorites, and its how we usually finish off the pulled pork on day 2 leftovers, is Pulled Pork Nachos.  Toss a bag of Tostitos in a 9x13 baking dish, cover with pulled pork, shredded cheese, onions, jalapenos and anything else you want, bake until the cheese is all melty goodness and serve with salsa and sour cream

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How about making breakfast roll stuffed with pulled pork, cheese and jalapenos?  You can stuff store bought dinner roll dough with the mixture, let rise and then into the oven at about 350 - 375º F.


How about adding to soup?


Maybe over pasta with a little BBQ sauce.  BBQ'd "sghetti" is great!


Come to think about it I have some pulled pork in the freezer and will have to try a few recipes.


Thanks for the reminder.

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Pulled Pork Egg Roll, wrap them in egg roll wrappers and fry them and serve with a BBQ sauce or whatever floats your boat.

I wrapped some in canned biscuit dough and baked them, that was pretty awesome too.

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Like some others here, nachos are awesome. Give em a try and I think you won't be disappointed. WHB
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Originally Posted by RdKnB View Post

Tacos, enchiladas, put on frozen pizza, omelette. to name a few


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I have had great success making Pulled pork chili. It is great and it adds a nice smokey flavor to the chili that I crave from all other chillis now. Also my wife love Pulled pork nachos. I like doing tacos with a nice vinegar coleslaw. So many options, so little time. 


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LOL.... but lets be serious here..... How man have thawed out the pulled pork to do something with and eat half of it while cooking.... Pulled pork is fine as a left over all alone! Throw out a salad or veggies for the rabbit food eaters. Just hand me the pulled pork and onion and a piece a bread!

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