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I am making a 10 lb batch of deer "trail bologna" ( its like a salami) today and when I was mixing the meat and spice mix (LEM) I remembered I have a bag of "soybean protein powder " which is supposed to help salamis remain plump and reduce shrinkage during the smoking process. I havent been using it for the last couple of years  but decided since I already have it I may as well use it . 


Anyway the label says 2 tsp per pound of meat . I read it as 2 tbsp per pound of meat which means I used about 3 times the recommended amount . Did I ruin my sausage ? 


I'm thinking it will be ok since it really has little flavor but it may change the texture . Anyone have an opinion or experience with this ?

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My "opinion" is it sounds like it may just change the texture a bit...if it was garlic powder or something then i would wonder...i wouldnt worry...Ill eat it!


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Was the soybean powder fine or coarse... did you add it dry or wet....If it was coarse and you added it dry your sausage may come out with a grainy texture...  You don't want the protein to clump up....

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its a powder and I added it dry to the freshly ground meat . it mixed well and then I added the spice mix dissolved in 1 pt of ice water . everything mixed up nicely .


I always mix my spices in ice water before adding to the meat .

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Well, for one thing, you should have a moist sausage!


The SPP may change the texture, but you shouldn't notice much of a flavor difference if any.  The big question I have, is how do you "finish" this sausage?  Does it dry and ferment, smoke, poach, etc...  That may make a difference since moisture content will be a bit higher than normal since you added a bit too much.


Also, this is a perfect example of why I went to weighing all of my ingredients in grams and/or kilograms.  ALL of us have or WILL misinterpret tsp for tbsp at some point...



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Voodoo, the only question i have is the condition of the powder.  After 2 years storage it can still be good unless some moisture got in the container you have creating some lumps.  Then the quality of the powder would be to a point that i wouldn't use it.  I use dry'd powdered milk and it has a 2 year code date, but i dont know much about the soy protein's powder shelf life. Reinhard

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its in the smoker now cooking at 170 ......... I'll take it out when the IT hits 152

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well the verdict is in ....... its out of the smoker ..... cooled and chill in the fridge for a few hours  .......... and it is delicious !!!! ............... I cant really see any difference in flavor or texture ..............th_anim_burp.gif

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winner winner... trail bologna dinner....
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