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remote thermo

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Just got a new Dyna Glo propane upright smoker and a remote thermometer, I am just wondering where to run the wire for the probes

looks like the door seals too good and possibly cut the wire, could go down the damper hole in the top or drill a small hole in the side

any suggestion?


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Many go down the top vent, there is also nothing wrong with drilling a small hole. It won't affect the smoker to any noticeable degree. Also, a modification that is popular on WSMs is to drill a hole and use a brass lamp nipple. That way it can be capped to close it off when not in use.
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I'm not too familiar with your smoker, but on my GOSM gas smoker I've always taken the probe wires through the damper vent in the top.  Works great, and I didn't have to do any drilling or mods to make it work.



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