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Polish and plain hot dogs

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Anybody have recipes for polish and hot dogs they would like to share???  Tired of store bought stuff!!!! 

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Try this site:   Since everyone's taste varies it's a good place to start and the recipes are good. A lot of good info about making sausage.

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Try the search bar, there's hundreds of post on here.
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I have a polish sausage,  Never had a polish hotdog.



•5 lbs. ground pork butt

•2 tbsp sugar

•1 tbsp marjoram

•1 tsp allspice

•1 tsp savory

•1/2 cup garlic, minced

•3 tbsps salt

•3 tbsps black pepper

•1 cup ice water


BTW this is a Louisiana Chefs posted recipe, By Chef John Folse  who I didn't know, seems to be quite fluent in sausage making.

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John folse is a great Cajun chef. He uses lots of wild game. He used to have a show on pbs. You can find him on YouTube.
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I will check it out bigbob73!!



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Traditional kielbasa aka polish sausage is only a few ingredients:


pork, fresh garlic, marjoram, whole mustard seed, salt.


for a hotdog or frankfurter, paprika, mustard seed, coriander, marjoram, white pepper, salt.

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