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smoke addon

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Hey guys I got a masterbuilt smoker for Christmas and have used it a few times and it seems I have to add wood chips quite often so what I'm looking for is opinions on the cold smoke add on that is built for the masterbuilt smoker or should I go with the a-maze-n-pellet? Pros and cons and experiences with both would be great

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personally i got the amznp for my smoker (mes30). can use dust for cold smoking cheese or pellets for whatever i want.

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i have the ad on cold smoke unit and it will burn chips, sawdust, pellets. i have actually extended it from my MES with a piece of 3" heat duct. can run the smoker at 100 degrees or 275 and have smoke. its a matter of preference. where i loive ican afford the freight on the fuel for the AMZN but everything works. no right or wrong answer. all i am saying is that i like the masterbuilt cold smoke unit. cant get the hours of continuous smoke out of it that the AMZN will give you tho....

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Welcome to SMF.  There are many modifications to produce better smoke on the MES units (Master built Electric Smoker).  Search

for mailbox mod.  Here is one such thread


Good luck with your new smoker



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Hey junk collector or anybody else for that matter where do you put the AMNPS in a masterbuilt so it doesn't take up a bunch of room?
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If you have the MES 30 then it goes on the wire rails just to the left of the original chip pan.  If you have the MES 40 then it will fit on the floor to the left hand side, you will not loose rack space with either method.



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thanks alot garyinmd now to try and find a store that sells them

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Originally Posted by skizz View Post

thanks alot garyinmd now to try and find a store that sells them

This is the best place to purchase...  The source and the only place with no hassle customer service...JJ


Just a note...If the MES you have has the Blue lit controls up front...One of the Tube smoke generators or the Mail Box Mod will be your best choice.

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is this what you run as well JimmyJ?

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skizz, as chef jimmy j says, go to the source. todd has always been a pure pleasure to do business with. as i said, i have the amnps (dust/pellet style) and a mes30 so mine won't fit down by the heating element. i sit it on top of the water pan or on the bottom shelf of my smoker, i also pull my chip tray completely out. 

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for the mailbox mod i used a cheap turkey roaster, was alot cheaper than a mailbox for me.



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thanks guys i will have to look into an amnps cause i think theres a place here that sells 20 pound bags of pellets for about 20 bucks. Only downfall is is that the shipping for the amnps is almost as much as the unit itself 

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amazon has alot of selection of pellets with FREE shipping also !!

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