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Pork Baby Back Ribs w/ "Q" View

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Well I did some ribs this past Sunday and they turned out great for the first time ever.  Thank you to all who have posted tricks to getting ribs right.


I started with 9lbs of Baby Backs


I peeled the membrane off the back of the ribs.  I spent more time than necessary trying to separate what I thought was more membrane but ended up being just fat.



I used two different rubs

Dizzy Pig - Dizzy Dust (x2)


and The Salt Lick - Original Dry Rub


Here they are on the smoke.  Stayed here for about 2.5 hours I went a little longer because I was having a problem getting the Egg to stay above 200.


Then I foiled them (forgot to get a picture) for about 1.5 hours.  Then they went back on the grill for 30 minutes.  When I went to pull them off the grill well I had a minor breakdown.  One rack actually broke apart in my hands; the meat was just falling off the bones.  That is why this picture looks like a pile of ….



Anyway they ate great and Dylan, was all about getting to help.  He is five and was all a buzz to be helping in the smoker. We both had a ball.  Last picture is of him getting the potatoes ready as a side.


Thanks for all the help!!

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Nice job!  Even after all the advice and youtube videos I've still got a mental block to being able to figure out the membrane strip.  I've gone to scoring it and can't tell that it is there but sure wish I could master it just for my own ego.

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Looks great!

Always fun to get the kids involved! My seven year old makes brines, preps all the veggies and helps with the rubs! Has his own set of knives, meat grabbers and apron too!
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Great job and I'll admit, I am very envious of you having a son that shows an interest in smoking, I can't get my kids into it, I get a better audience with he mailman!



Kudos my Friend

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Nice looking ribs, longer73. Great job.
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Have you stumbled across this youtube video, SuperDave?


It really is that easy....

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