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Turkey breast selection

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Hi all, new to smoking and this site (Just posted my roll call), anyways I got a turkey breast for smoking to slice for lunch meat, I got one of the 3lb butterball breast roasts. What I found was it was 3 pieces of meat held together with netting. My question is what is the best way to purchase for lunch meats? I found that what I got just fell apart when trying to run through the slicer. Not sure if what you get from deli's such as boars head are all pressed or if you have to go the bone in breast to get the larger single pieces that would work better for slicing.




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I would say go for the bone in. I've never tried it with the boneless. When I do turkey lunch meat, I usually smoke an entire turkey. After it's cooked, I debone the breasts and save them for slicing. I use the carcass for stock and save the dark meat for soup or whatever. It may be overkill, but it makes a lot of meals. Kind of off topic, but if you do go this route, look into spatchcocking the turkey, it will cook in half the time.
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