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What I'm cooking today

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Put on a pork butt that I injected with a mix of mango nectar, soy sauce, a generic pickapeppa sauce and some Bolner's Grocery Mix seasoning last night. Rubbed down with some seasoning from Bellville Meat Market and Chupacabra seasoning. Plus a rack of spare ribs that I trimmed down to St Louis style and seasoned with Bolner's and Chupacabra seasoning. I'll smoke the ribs till almost done, then slather them down with some Rib Candy and grill them to get them glazed up nice and hot. Some baked beans and we'll be set for tonight. The butt is for my wife's bingo buddies later this week. I'll pull the meat with my drill powered puller so they can do sandwiches or stuffed baked potatoes

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Do you have any pictures? I'd like to see that drill powered meat puller.

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Where are you from?

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