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Question on cooking Boston Buttts for a group

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In 2 week I am smoking Boston Butts for the Relay For Life kick off.  This in not a fund raiser but a dinner for the leader to plan the year.  We will be having bake beans,  cole slaw and the pork for dinner.  I have a couple of question.  Not sure on the number of people yet but should be around 100.  

1)  It is best to do pull pork or sliced pork?

2)  About how many serving should I be able to get out of a pound of uncooked meat?

3)  I will be cooking the day before is it best to go ahead and pull or slice after the meat has rested or the day of the event?

4)  What is the best way to re-heat?


Thanks for any input

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Hi , thought I would throw my.02 cents in . on #1 ,I would do the pulled pork . just much easier and more eye appealing than sliced ,just my opinion . #2 I'm unable to help you there , I can guess but that is the best I can do . #3  & #4, myself I would cook and wrap good the day before , but leave it whole to keep from drying out . the next day I would warm it up @200* - 225*  to bring it back to that just cooked flavor and texture .  I hope this will help and good luck !

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Pulled is definitely easiest.  We often do cooks for high school events.  You will yield about 2 people to a pound by the time you lose fat and bone.  Better too much than not enough.


You can pull the day of the cook or the next.  We often times will have pulled pork left over.  We cool it down in our refrigerator and then freeze for our own use.  However, pulled pork is best if pulled the day it is consumed.  Time frames would be your deciding factor.  We use apple juice to help with reheating.


Good luck

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