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First Attempt

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I'm using my new MES30 for the first time today. I couldn't decide whether to do ribs or a butt so I did both. The butt is still in there, my ribs are out and resting. The ribs, though, look pretty good to me.
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The ribs look great! :)


One thing I'll mention (having just started smoking and also using a MES 30) is to watch how much water/juice/etc you are using in the water pan.  I'm 95% sure my pork took so much longer than anticipated because of having too much moisture inside the smoker.  I filled it halfway and everything else went well but my "stall" lasted a LOT longer than anticipated (7.5lb boston butt took over 18 hours instead of the 1.5hours/lb "estimated" cook time at 225-250F).  Next time I'm going to try and keep the pan at 1/2" or less fluid at any given time.

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Thanks for the tip. To be honest, I left it empty this time, just to see the ribs turned out pretty good. I'm still waiting to get through the stall on the the butt. We'll see.
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Here is the shoulder when it was done.
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Looks tasty!

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Good job looks great and I stopped using water in my pan altogether since I got my AMZPS and have not noticed a negative in moistness or taste.

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