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First cook in the Akorn

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I grilled two nice T-bones in my new Akorn Kamado Kooker last night.
I wanted to try a really hot sear. I let the internal temp reach 500 degrees. I judged this by the built in dome thermometer, which may be way off.

I grilled the 1" thick steaks for about four minutes each side. This was too much time. They came out done through and through. (I prefer my steaks medium.) I thought I had ruined them, but they were actually very juicy and delicious.


For future reference, does anyone have any recommendations for searing temperatures and times for steaks?


I will say that temperature control seems relatively easy with the Akorn. Just watch for it to approach the temp you want, then start closing down the dampers. I was able to hit my target range when I seasoned the grill, and for cooking. The time and temp problem was strictly human error.
I will try a dry run of a slow burn before using it to smoke.

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/PM'd to you. Hope it helps.

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