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Seems most of my posts are pointless!

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Now that I know what they are I went back to some threads and gave out some points to some of the people that have helped me in the past. Shut me down after 10, so sorry if I slighted anyone! At least it didn't ask me for my credit card #

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Originally Posted by SB59 View Post

Seems most of my posts are pointless!

Not true. Like you, many have no idea about points or how to give them. Your best posts will be recognized...JJ

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Originally Posted by Leah Elisheva View Post

Happy Sunday Great Smoking Cookies!

OK, now humor those of us with mad-cow, or "mad-mackerel" kicking in; but I am JUST NOW noticing the "POINTS" component!!???

Kindly humor we non-mathematical Chickies therefore, and explain the points system please?

Can I just give them to people - left & right - as I surely would have done that a ton already had I known/understood the feature. (I'm so impressed, daily, and with everyone)!

Or can only certain people give them? Do I need to have a cape or something, or can anyone give points? And how does one give them? I assume there is a "give points" feature or button that I have simply not stared at?

Oh dear...

Well then, I'll await instructions.

Meanwhile, I thank some gracious souls who have given me "points" (I would have thanked you properly at that time, though didn't know of it) and if any one can sweetly POINT out to me, how I may deliver points to one, I'd be quite grateful.

OK, back to my mad-mollusk making...Many thanks!!!

Cheers! - Leah

Thanks so much for asking that question, I did a search to help me understand...this thread did the best to explain...putting on my cape today to use that thumbs up button
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Originally Posted by JckDanls 07 View Post

ok.. I understand all that... but when I go look at how I got my points.. it says "unique points".. any idea what they are amd where they come from ??? There is no explanation for them...

Unique tells you the number of people that gave you points. If over time I gave you 10 points, it would advance the points counter by 10, but the unique counter by only 1.
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I noticed the points icon is only on the desktop version and not on the mobile version. Is that correct? Or did I miss it on the mobile version?
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On the mobile version, it is the thumbs up icon at the bottom right of someone's post next to the quotation mark.

Smoke it up
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