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A Super PORK butt

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I started with a 9 1/2 lb Pork butt and spread mustard on it to hold the rub. I then applied Jeff's rub and saran wrapped it overnight. I came home from work early and prepped the Oklahoma Joe smoker to 235 degrees and loaded that pretty butt on.


She smoked for 8 hours until bed time. I then double foiled it and put it in the over set at 215 for the night. At 0700, I took the butt out of the oven at the perfect puling temp of 201 degrees. I then wrapped it in a towel and put it in the cooler for 5 hours.


It was still too hot to pull without gloves, even after that long but the bone slid right out.


 She came out gorgeous and pulled perfectly. I doused it with my special Eastern NC BBQ sauce and it was as good (or better) than Parker's in Wilson.The family loved it and it was time well spent! Try it; you'll love it!

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Nice looking smoked butt Floyd, the pulled pork looks excellent... nice work!
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Looks good!
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Looks great! I like the Carolina sauces. Like the twang they have, unfortunately the family likes the sweet stuff. Looks like you had a great big bowl of yumminess........
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Great bark, and nice rich color to the meat.  Nothing better than a pink mixture of pulled pork with little pieces of bark.

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Hello Floyd,


It does look good! I'm from NC and also love the vinegar-based sauces. I do have one question, which is why you put the butt in the cooler for 5-hours. Was it to keep it for serving time (lunch), or does the extra time help the smoke flavor? I've often noticed where smoked meat has more flavor the day after cooking, so I was just wondering. Would certainly love to repeat your success!





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Hi, Jerry. Welcome to SMF. The reason I double wrap the butt in tin foil and wrap it in a towel and then put it a cooler for several hours, is to let the juices set. It also continues to cook but the real reason is to get the very best MOIST pork butt ever. Try it, I know you will tell a significantly difference by letting it steep in its own juices. Enjoy!

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Thanks Floyd!  I'm going to try that next time.



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