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"Pigballs" or so someone called them.

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Ok, so someone on here posted about doing something called a "pig balls" on here. i decided to try it for myself today. I bought some Italian sausage and beef  and a block of Velveeta and  pepper jack cheese. I also picked up some center cut bacon to wrap them in.


I started by cutting up some Velveeta and pepper jack cheese and wrapping it in the sausage and beef and then the bacon.


I then put them on 3 screens I use to smoke salts then put them into a 275 degree smoker with hickory going the AMNPS. I think I finally figured out how to keep that thing lite so that's good.

Took about 4 hours in the smoker. It was in the teens for temp outside and it was pretty windy. The smoker temp hovered around 230 to 250 most of the time. I also finished them off in the oven just to try to crisp up the bacon.




They were a hit!!! everyone gobbled them up and not too many of them left.  SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOD!!!!


I think I'll be doing another batch for a super bowl party.  I personally liked the ones wrapped in beef better.

I hope you guys like what I did. It sure was fun making them!!! Thanks for looking.

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What you've made are commonly called, "Moinks", around here. Short for "moo" and "oink". Good, aren't they?

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They are good. I wasn't so sure on what to name them. I like Moinks.

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look great ...
im gonna try some in the next weeks ....

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