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And yet, another smoked turkey thread

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Now that the holiday season is finally over, the price of turkey breast has dropped drastically.  My mother picked up 2 breast that were on sale for $.88 a pound. But she bought enhanced breasts.  An enhanced breast is one which has already been brined.You'll know because the package will say, "Contains up to X% of a solution to enhance juiciness and tenderness..."  Personally, I  prefer to brine my own turkey breast but it is what it is. 


Anyway, after unwrapping, cutting off the extra skin and cleaning, I rubbed the breasts down with a simple rub consisting of: Kosher salt; Onion powder, Garlic powder & Vegetable oil.

You don't have to go crazy with all of the seasons.  Just a nice rub inside and outside.

Then, I got my good ol' WSM ready.  Poultry does not follow the "low & slow" method that traditional BBQ follows.  You need high temperature to get that nice crisp texture and skin.  I got my WSM up to 350*.  Once it settled down, it remained about 310*.  Also, I used 3 cubes of cherry wood. 


On or about 3 hours later, I pulled the 2 breast when they reached an IT of 165*.  Covered them loosely with foil and then carved them up. Notice the juices flowing from the foil.  Good lawd, they were good.  Thank you for looking and have a nice day!


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Nice work... may I say your breasts look perfect! yahoo.gif
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Have you seen how much they want for "Processed" sliced smoked turkey for sandwiches? That's when I started doing breasts.


Looks nice, great job, did ya share with Mom?

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That's nice...:drool


Have fun and . . .

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