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Roxul is a mineral rock wool. Any mineral wool should work great I e been told. It'll be about 45 dollars a batt. The stuff I found is 20 and it's identical to roxul.
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I have a question you may or may not know the answer to. If the meat I cook never touches the metal rack, do I need stainless steel racks?

No... restaurants use cast iron, aluminum, mild steel.... can't imagine a regulation demanding SS.......

I agree with getting it approved, but I keep seeing guys talk about stainless meat racks. Do they sit the meat directly on the racks?[/quote]

I would check with the local health department BEFORE you do any additional work and spend any more money..... Cooking food in a steel box that was a manure collection box doesn't make sense to me... I know I wouldn't buy any food from it.... There is bacteria living in all the nooks and crannies...
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I didn't make too much progress this weekend. I did get all the tubing and steel rod to build the door frames and make the meat rack rigging.

I plan to wash the inside with muriatic acid before going too much further.
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These aren't a bad ideal either, fairly heavy gauge steel.....good thing is they are already seasoned!

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Despite the somewhat negative feedback regarding this smoker build, I decided to continue on with it. This weekend there was great progress made. We were able to cut the first door out. After seeing how huge of a hole there is when the door is opened, we decided it would be best to cut the door in half so maybe less heat would be lost when opening the door. See pictures below. 







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