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Aged baby backs, safety

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Ok here the my situation. On dec 9th I bought a brisket, short ribs, and baby back ribs from SAMs club. Vacuum wrapped. The baby backs say sell by dec 11th. Had to go on a trip and just got back. They have been in my frig all this time. I opened them today and they smelled a little strong. Not too bad. They were not sticky. What is the common practice in this case. I was in the meat business years ago and we had one customer that had us hang rib roast 3 months before he would come back and have us cut some and trim it. He said it just melts in your month. Looked pretty gross but he liked it. Well that was beef. This is pork. Just rubbed them and wrapped in plastic wrap to put in early tomorrow. Should I or not...
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Chuck them....
Don't play the game especially with chicken or pork. Going by the sell date and what you smelled, botulism is not worth it.
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LOL... Mo got it, "When in doubt, Throw it out". Sam's cook by dates are usually very extended, like weeks. If you got something with a 2 day date, it was probably short already.


You can age beef if maintained at a constant temperature. You can't age pork & seafood, although I know you can hang fowl, but not sure I would eat too much my first time trying it.


If the pork is past date, and smells, call out for a pizza.

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On a caravanning holiday a few years back, I got up in the middle of the night for a drink, I opened the fridge door, the light came on and I had a drink of milk, put the bottle back in and headed back to bed. I then remembered that the fridge didn't have a light fitted in it. I opened the door once again and saw that the light was coming from a pack of peeled prawns ! They went straight in the bin ! 

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Vac -Packed meat will smell funky when it is first opened. If the smell dissipates in a minute or two, cook'em and eat them. If after a few minutes the meat still stinks, it is bad. Your Nose Knows. If the package was not puffy and the meat was refrigerated the whole time Botulism is not and issue. While Vac-Packed Pork is not aged like Beef, time in packaging will contribute to tenderizing and eventually a somewhat funky smell. Typically meat, properly stored, will be fine 2 weeks or so beyond the Sell-Buy Date. Follow your Nose...JJ

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