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Hi Aaron!!! Great to hear from you.  Glad to see you got a job as a meat cutter!!! I'll PM you.  Rino is what I was called at work LOL.  Reinhard.

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Mdboatbum--you will find the binders more important in smoked than in fresh. I said before that not everyone uses binders in sausage. I agree it's personal preference. The number one rule in sausage and most important factor in making is being happy with what your making.  When i was working as a butcher early on i cant remember what was used for binders. It looked more like bread crumbs that were very fine.  Man, that was 42 years ago now. Been retired since 2007.  They used that stuff for everything and everything sold well. That was a smaller meat market when i started out and binder was used as a profit booster and that's still true to this day.


As years went on i never seen binders not used.  Keep in mind that was sausage made for sale not like us that make it at home because we enjoy everything that comes with it.  If someone feels that there is something missing in the sausage they make i would say try a binder. Start out with 1 cup per 5 pounds.  Make a small batch of sausage like 5 pounds or 10 and see it makes a difference for you.  It is all about personal preference in the end.  Reinhard

Re: the comment about adding to sausage to increase profit, "binder to increase profit". I'm seeing this more and more. Crass commercial applications being passed around as authentic ways to make artisanal foods!  A thumb on the scale too! Learned the other day about scrambled eggs, the wisdom passed around is add whole milk or cream to scrambled eggs, turns out just another cheater trick by cooks to add cheaper products to fool customer! Back to dried milk, IMHO, if you know what you're doing as in, have the proper fat to meat ratio and the proper way to initially cook the sausage, and then the proper way to heat the sausage prior to serving then you've done your job. I say, take the time to learn how to do it right, the first time, don't be swayed by crass commercial cheater tricks.

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