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So Leah - you ARE eating the bones, right?

And how hot and how long do you grill them?

How can you get them this time of year?

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I was doing some research, and it seems to me you can get a hot plate and a cast iron skillet to generate the smoke and a card board box with some simple dryer vent hose, the metal kind to direct the smoke into the box from the vent on your smoker.  Put the hot plate and skillet and chips in the grill and start making smoke. with some of the metal heater ducting tape you can seal the dryer vent tubing to the vent on a weber type grill and run the tub to the bottom of the box.  Now with a rack setup in the box you are a smoken'....


I thought about a large red clay pot as well.  they have a vent hole in the top which you would have to put in the box too.  I have to rewatch the Alton Brown episode that he did on cold smoking salmon.  He did some neat stuff.


For me it is easy since my MES can be used with the AMNPS for cold smoking.  I may try an external smoke generator plumbed to the chip loader.


I so want to do lox so cold smoke and temp control is so important.


If I can get my hands on some fresh Yellowtail, I will salt and smoke it.  Tuna is good that way too.  Has to be a slow smoke though.


Thanks for letting me think out loud so to speak.


I hope this helps your imagination run wild, Leah.  your food is pretty wonderful looking and inspiring to me.



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Nice pics of the food and you, looks like ya are havin fun. Good for you !! Wine, snow, the grill....... I ask what is better than that ?? As per usual Leah, great food pics. You pics always make me very hungry even after I've eatin.... Nice job icon14.gif. WHB
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Hi Mchar69! Indeed I eat the bones of the smelts (heads also when they're on) and the whole sardines (heads, bones, tail) when grilling those too.


I get the grill very hot, (400 something), and then I coat the fish in grapeseed oil and grill for about 20 minutes - ten minutes a side - to get them really crispy! (With smelts and sardines and such). DELICIOUS!


Mel, that cold smoking info is just so fascinating! It sounds very intricate however, but it's interesting to learn of creative ways that it can be done! Thank you for that!!!


And WaterinHoleBrew, many thanks as well! I do have great fun with my food!!! And regardless of weather!!!!


Happy Saturday to all! It's a simple "grilled octopus" day for me over here, but then that's my favorite kind of Saturday to have!!!!


Cheers!!!!!!! - Leah

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