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My First Smoke - Prime Rib (w/ Q-View)

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Hi all!


I just wanted to share my first smoke. A small prime rib. 


My rub was:


Coarse Black Pepper

Sea Salt

Garlic Powder

Onion Powder

Olive Oil




I didn't have a chance to let the rub sit overnight but I did let it sit all morning. I preheated the smoker to 230 with hickory chips and placed the roast in. It was almost 0F and windy here in Toronto today and I found it difficult to maintain a constant temperature but it always stayed between 220 and 235. Not too bad.



After about 2.5 hours I put my thermometer in and had a temp of 136. My family likes Medium-well so I was going to let it cook up to 150. About an hour later it stalled around 144 for almost an hour and then suddenly jumped up to 151. I removed and wrapped in tin foil.



I'm extremely happy with my results and I couldn't have done it without this forum and all of you. Thank you so much! I unfortunately don't have any sliced pics as my family destroyed it as soon as I started slicing it. I also smoked a few potatoes with it which turned out awesome as well. I'm really looking forward to my next smoke on Monday. I would like to do a pulled pork or a brisket but I think I would like to practice a bit more before I take them on. Maybe a chicken next?


Once again, thanks so much and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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That sure looks good!!! Reinhard

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Wow that looks great! I have been smoking for a few years and have still yet to try my hand at a Prim Rib.

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Great job!


I also have yet to try prime rib.

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Looks great Andrew...nice job!



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