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Beginners Help: Smoking Bacon

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Hey follow smoker brethren ... Moving forward in my smoking experience and I got thru my first ever smoke just last week, but now I am ready to try something else. I was really hoping there was a Bacon Sticky to help a beginner out and hopefully maybe the mods can consider starting one in the future, but how can a complete newb start making bacon!? I know there is a brine period from what I gathered and has to sit for some time and of course est smoke times and prep. Anyways, I know if I had enough time to research it I might come across it but I was thinking a sticky down the road would greatly help us newbies ... Much like the Fatty section had some good stuff stickies that greatly helped me.

Anyways any info and pointers are greatly welcomed!! Happy New Year!!!! grilling_smilie.gif
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Mike, morning.... Here is a brine that has USDA approval.... It is a brine that Pops and his Dad used when they had their meat market....


PS.... Can Jr. beat 6 time for the championship this coming year....
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Hey Dave thanks for sharing that! I'll check it out!!

As Dale ... Man I really hope so for the sake of the sport! It's kinda neat scenarios we have: Jimmie gonna for 7 to tie with the greats, Dale for obvious reasons, and Jeff Gordon looking to show he can still get it done before he retires!
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As per your request, I have made an Instructional Article, "Making Bacon":


I'll post this link as a sticky, also! 


Thank you so much for the suggestion!

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