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Whole chicken-1st timer question

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Hey guys, just had a quick question. I just got a MSB 40 electric smoker and I'm smoking two whole chickens. I find that I'm having to add wood chips about every 45 min to 1 hour. Is this normal? My heat is at 245.
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It seems pretty common for the Masterbuilts to burn up their chips pretty quickly.

The size of the chips plays a role in this as well. The smaller the chips, the quicker the burn. I have some mesquite chips that are very small that can hardly make it 45 minutes.

It seems like the general consensus around here is to buy the A-MAZE-N pellet smoker to use in your MES.
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Ok thanks!
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i am doing a whole chicken right now ...on my masterbuilt electric feel like i've added chips about ever 30 mins or 45mins.


  DONT OVERLOAD it with chips....i learned that the hard way.....also make sure to keep the exhaust vent open ! lol  i had it shut originally and overloaded with chip.... POOF , mini little explosion and the chip loader shot out of the smoker lol.  no damager or anything just startled thats all

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Get yourself an AMNTS or AMNPS from A-Maze-N Products, I have both the 6" and 12" tubes and get great smoke.


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