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Originally Posted by hillbillyrkstr View Post

Gonna go buy a variety cheeses next week Stan! Can't wait! That's a lot of jerky Cam! Hunting seasons been good to you! Anyone else coming?

Good to hear rockstar,  As far as I know it will be you,me,kingfishcam,humdinger,Dron,and my friend Mike.  Of course it's not to late for anyone else to join too.



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You need me to go buy any vacu-seal bags or anything Stan? Just let me know
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Hey gang, As I just told Stan on PM, I won't be able to make it to this event. My darling wife is 7.5 months pregnant, so I can't be too far from home for any extended amount of time.

I'm bummed I can't make it so please take lots of pics and post em here so I can enjoy via Q-view. I look forward to seeing you all again at the summer gathering. (I've got lots of plans for what to cook at the next gathering).
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I think we are going to delay this event again.  Kurt and Cam can't make it this week end. Kurt waiting for a bundle of joy and Cam has to work if snowing.  Maybe we should just wait till March or April since it seems to snow every weekend?  Only six more weeks of winter according to the ground hog. 



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Son of a .... Smokes cancelled and I'm out here driving a truck in this mess all day. You wouldn't believe how many people can't drive in snowy weather in this state. If one more douche bag in a honda slows my work day down because they're driving 5 miles an hour I'm going to explode!

Good luck with the kid humdinger. And good luck making money moving snow cam. I'm just glad to see your not canceling because you can't handle driving in the snow.

Wish me luck dealing with these idiots all day.
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Thanks for the well wishes guys. I tried to swing it but it wasn't in the cards. Keep me into the loop with any future plans.
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Cheese smoke a success! Cheese was smoked, and beer drank! All in all a good day. Thanks Stan. Sorry the rest of you missed it.
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Bought a variety of cheeses (Pepper jack, cheddar, Colby jack, Gouda, and muenster)

Smoked them all for 4 hours with mulberry.

Chose mulberry because I sampled some cheddar at Stans that was smoked with mulberry and it had a strong smoke flavor.

I also sampled some cheddar smoked with hickory (my favorite smoking wood) and didn't like it as much as the mulberry smoked cheddar.

Hopefully in 2-3 weeks I'll bust into one of these cheeses and find something great! The waiting is the tough part.

Overall good time on my first cheese smoke. Thanks again Stan!
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Thanks for coming over and giving me a reason to smoke something Scott.  It was a good day and I had a good time.


I also smoked x sharp cheddar, true red white and blue, sharp cheddar that I sealed in with rubs, and fontinella in said Mulberry smoke.



We need to come up with a date to do the multiple smoker smoke!!



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Stan the chunk of smoked sharp cheddar you gave me Sunday is almost gone! I don't consider myself a "cheese guy" by any means. Just don't eat a lot of it very often, ever really. But I've crushed damn near the whole block in just a few days! Thanks!
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Your welcome Scott,Glad you liked it. Now you just have to wait a bit more and you can try the cheese we smoked last weekend.  Should be about the same.



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Cheese looks good boys! As much as I am enjoying the xtra money this year, winter can stop now.

Good luck with the new addition Hum!
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Cam I don't love the snow either, but the cold of this winter is the absolute worst! Leaving for work at 530am I've seen -16 for the first time! I'm done with it!

And Stan I just finished the block of cheddar you gave me with some beef summer sausage! Damn! Wish I smoked about 10 pounds of sharp cheddar last weekend! Have to get another smoke going soon!
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Ok, here I am!! I thought I'd joined already but, guess not. Now I can comment. It wasn't letting me.
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Glad you joined the group Rock.  As soon as we come up with a new date we will have another cheese smoke.  Spring is right around the corner so it will be soon.



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Hey all. Just checking in to say hello. Glad to hear Scott has been converted to a full-blown cheese fan! I do lotws of cheese but haven't tried the mulberry yet. Pecan is my new favorite for now!
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I'm a 100% hickory guy! Love the flavor of hickory and sometimes I mix in some apple wood. With that said Stan gave me some hickory smoked cheddar, and it was good. Then he gave me the mulberry smoked cheddar and it was amazing!

I'm still not what you'd call a "cheese guy", but I can tell you I like it, and I'll be smoking more of it!

Can't wait for the spring cheese smoke!

Get that kid here already humdinger so you can make it to the next one! Lol
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Got about 8 weeks to go. According to the ultrasound the kid is already 4lbs, so we'll see if he goes the full time or not.
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Congratulations Kurt, I don’t know if we can wait 8 weeks :th_crybaby2:and then you know you will be stuck with baby duties for a while. th_dunno-1[1].gif 

Maybe you can sneak out and make it in a couple of weeks.:biggrin: We can always smoke some cheese at the get together. 


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Yeah I hear ya Stan. You guys go ahead and do what you gotta do. I'll try my darndest to make it happen......
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