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New Years Eve Goodies!

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So what is everyone smoking up for NYE?


I decided this morning that even though we aren't having people over or going out, I'm going to smoke up some ABTs (probably stick to basics with just cream cheese and wrapped in bacon), and some smoked chicken wings. I had smoked wings at a BBQ place in Oceanside, CA (That Boy Good) that were smoked, then fried and tossed with sauce, and I'm going to go that route. Should only take an hour total to smoke the wings and I can put the ABTs on right after the wings come out... or while the wings are smoking depending on how many wings there are. I'll get some Q-view posted when I get them done!


Happy New Years everyone!!!

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I am at work today and won't have enough time afterwards to smoke before the festivities.  Hopefully something tomorrow, maybe some chicken thighs.

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That turned out very well...

Wings going into the smoker... Salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic.

Bacon-wrapped jalapeño and bell peppers with cream cheese waiting their turn

Wings out!

Wings fried and dressed with honey-BBQ!

Finally, the poppers are done!

Happy New Year all!
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Very fun Chad! It looks like it was a fabulous hit! Happy 2014! Cheers! - Leah

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Great looking food.Nice job.

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I'm figuring out the smoker still, and when I get all the little intricacies down, food will come out much better. In this case, I was still bouncing between the medium and high setting over the cook time (checked temp every 20 minutes or so). I am definitely getting the digital control for this thing. Other than that it appears to have a hot-spot in the back. The poppers and wings that were in the back were burnt on the bottom and the ones up front were nearly perfect. Maybe a rotation once during the smoke is in order?


Aside from that, the wings may have been better just tossing in sauce rather than breading and frying after the smoke... I'll probably try that next time, but I do love a great crunchy wing, so I'll keep working on my breading/frying technique as well.

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Ok those pics just made me hungry!!

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