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Beef Tenderloin Help

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I am going to smoke a beef tenderloin for dinner tonight. I have never cook one before. It weights 3.5 pounds and will be cooking on my UDS. I plan to pull it at an IT of 125 then rest it. Just don't know what temp I should smoke it at and a ball park for cook time. Any input would be appreciated. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks.

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I vote for reverse sear. Smoke at 200˚-225˚ until it hits about 110˚-115˚, then let rest for 15 minutes, then put in a 500˚ oven for 5-7 minutes.

Here's a recent thread on a rib roast, but as long as you go by internal temp, the same method will work for your tenderloin. Note the uniform color.


I've not done this myself, but there are lots of posts on it. It's next on my list however, as it really seems to produce outstanding beef.

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Thanks so much MD.

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Here is one a did a while ago and use it as my go to recipe when i make a beef tenderloin. The reverse sear method works great on a tenderloin.

Hope this helps...Len

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Wow,Thanks Len.great pics. Now I have something to shoot for.

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Originally Posted by Bigr314 View Post

Wow,Thanks Len.great pics. Now I have something to shoot for.


Just a quick heads up, that loin is going to cook pretty quickly even at 225 degrees.     Hopefully you have a temp probe and can watch the temps right from the beginning and slow things down or speed things up to meet your cook schedule.

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Thanks again. Just finished eating. Best beef I ever ate. Love this forum
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