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Beef Tenderloin Help

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I am going to smoke a beef tenderloin for dinner tonight. I have never cook one before. It weights 3.5 pounds and will be cooking on my UDS. I plan to pull it at an IT of 125 then rest it. Just don't know what temp I should smoke it at and a ball park for cook time. Any input would be appreciated. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks.

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I vote for reverse sear. Smoke at 200˚-225˚ until it hits about 110˚-115˚, then let rest for 15 minutes, then put in a 500˚ oven for 5-7 minutes.

Here's a recent thread on a rib roast, but as long as you go by internal temp, the same method will work for your tenderloin. Note the uniform color. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/154985/smokin-it-prime-rib-for-christmas


I've not done this myself, but there are lots of posts on it. It's next on my list however, as it really seems to produce outstanding beef.

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Thanks so much MD.

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Here is one a did a while ago and use it as my go to recipe when i make a beef tenderloin. The reverse sear method works great on a tenderloin.


Hope this helps...Len

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Wow,Thanks Len.great pics. Now I have something to shoot for.

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Originally Posted by Bigr314 View Post

Wow,Thanks Len.great pics. Now I have something to shoot for.


Just a quick heads up, that loin is going to cook pretty quickly even at 225 degrees.     Hopefully you have a temp probe and can watch the temps right from the beginning and slow things down or speed things up to meet your cook schedule.

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Thanks again. Just finished eating. Best beef I ever ate. Love this forum
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