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Question on uncooked brisket storage?

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Stopped by a store to pick up a few things and looking through the meat section I found some nice steaks for tonight and a center cut bone in pork roast for Wed. and then I spy something I rarely see, whole briskets they only had 2 and 11.5# and a 14.75#  at 2.49 a pound. I asked the butcher if they kept these usually he said no they only get them at times because no one buys them and he has to buy a case of 100 pounds to get them.

Anyway the small one looked pretty nice to me so I bought it figuring I could put it in the freezer if nothing else.

How long can I hold it in the back fridge, rarely gets opened, before I need to use it, or should I just put it in the freezer?


Will freezing make it better or worse when cooked. I have only cooked one brisket a flat about 2 weeks ago, so I am not ready to do one just yet.

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If you are going to cook within a week should be ok in fridge otherwise freeze.  Freezing will not harm it.

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Is it in cryovac?  I have one in the fridge now.  I am wet aging it to 30 days past the butcher date (should be on the label).  About half way now.



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