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First Brisket Flat (7 lbs)

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Smoked my 1st brisket on my new MES. Started with a rub, no fat cap trim, and let stand at room temp for about 4 hours. Prepared the smoker with using only the middle rack, filled the water pan, added an additional water pan in attempts to ensure tenderness, and preheated @ 220 then added mesquite chips. Once the smoke rolled, I added the beef and inserted a digital thermometer. About 6 hours in I reached 175. I pulled and wrapped with parchment paper and foil. 2 hours later I hit 200 IT. Given the info from this site I pulled the brisket and wrapped with towels and placed it in a room temp cooler. 2 hours later I sliced and enjoyed. It had a perfect pull to it, just enough resistance without falling apart. The only improvement I would like is a more prominant smoke ring. If anyone has tips please chime in. I am feeling a smoke addiction in the making!
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Brisket is looks good! For more a more prominent smoke ring try cherry wood, as cherry provides one of the better smoke rings out of most wood choices available. Electric smokers don't always achieve as much smoke ring as charcoal, stick and pellet smokers because electric smokers have less air flow.
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Forget the smoke ring with an electric.  You can maybe produce a hint of one if you drop a little lump charcoal in the chip tray, but you won't get much.  Its only for looks anyway.... has nothing to do with taste.

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Chuck roasts smoke ring


Apple wood with lump charcoal.  That will get you a smoke ring ;)

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Originally Posted by Joopster View Post

Chuck roasts smoke ring

In a electric smoker?

Apple wood with lump charcoal.  That will get you a smoke ring ;)
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That ring didn't come from an electric. And what does apple wood do that others don't? Just wondering.
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I meant a charcoal smoker.  I will never use electric.

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Man that looks good! Great job!!
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