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1st 12lb fresh turkey done in 5 hours?

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Injected butter, ginger & garlic juice; rubbed with EVOO, sage & injection solution then let it come to room temp.  Brought Smoke Hollow electric to 220deg for 45 minutes, checked with known good thermometer; added water, hickory, & bird.   Replenished water & chips @ 3 hours, thigh temp was 140.  After 2 1/2 more hours checked internal thigh & breast - 170 so I pulled it, rechecked temp with 2 other thermometers and wrapped in foil.


Is 5 1/2 hour cook because it was a fresh bird?   Should have been at least 8-12 from what I have read on here.

I have tried chicken, loin & butt since I got the Friday - this is the only thing tat got finished fast.

Thanks :-)

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time frame is the same as i've done in the past and yours looks awesome...congrats on your 1st turkey

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I let it rest for an hour then tackled slicing and found that it is not a smokey as I expected, very mild smoke throughout all the meat.  Moist and tender much like my oven baked bird, I have a bake-in-tent method I have used for 40 years that is foolproof.  Now it looks like I have a 2nd option when it comes to bird :-)

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Onerook , hello. Glad you found us and hope you decide to call his your place for all your BBQing needs and become  a part of the family.  i.e.-Greetings from Stan and Trish ... :biggrin:


Your Turkey looked great and the flavor will get better and better. The key is  "Practice ,Practice, Practice" .


Have fun in your new obsession , and as always . . .

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