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First butt!

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The final product. Unfortunately I had to leave before I could pull it. So I put it in the fridge. This morning I've pulled it apart in big pieces stuck it back in the smoker to heat it up to fininsh the pull. Put some of the juice back in to soak in. The taste test will be in about 30min. If it tastes as good as it smells then I've hit the grandslam. I know my dogs want to devour it!
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Finally pulled and man does it taste good! Adding the juice back in and heating it up made it just as moist as can be
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Looks awesome, I have decided adding the juice back in then seasoning with rub after pulling it is the way to go.  I add a little bit more juice in each baggie I am freezing just so I have extra juice to heat it up with next time I want PP.

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Oh yeah by the way the last hour I put the butt in a pan and istead of using apple juice like I've seen some do I used a bottle of Bold Rock hard cider. And that was most of the juice I put back in it.
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