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1st try @pork spareribs (w/ Q-View)

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So today was my 1st attempt at pork spareribs in my MES. I have to say for the first time, I think it turned out pretty well. I used the 3-2-1 method.

Here is a picture of the ribs just after removing the membrane:

I rubbed the ribs down with mustard and used the Mccormick's cowboy rub:

I put them in the fridge for about an hour or so, went to the store to pick up some apple juice, and got the MES ready.

When I got back, I fired up my MES and got to cooking.

Here's a pic after the '3' phase:

After the '2' phase:

The final product: I left one rack dry w/ just the rub and the other wet w/ Famous Daves Devil's Spit bbq sauce.

My wife, her 2 sisters, and I ate and the girls liked the ones with the sauce better. I liked the dry rub better. It's only my second cook in this thing and I'm hooked. Now I have to find a good rub and sauce recipe I can make at home. That 5-day guide really helped out alot. Hope you guys enjoy the pics since ya couldn't enjoy the taste.
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  Those ribs look awesome! Don't be intimidated by any meat, it's not really that hard. Keep onnn...





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Remember the cave men could smoke meat, we've just got to remember what they learned. If you got a thumbs up from the boss and made her sisters happy, you've got it made now.


Goods good, grats on your smoke. Now you start getting withdrawal if you go too long without the smoke.

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