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Fresh turkey

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Yesterday my Son-in-Law brought home a 12# turkey he butchered at a friends house.  It was grass fed so to speak.  They raised it on scratch, bugs and veggie clippings among whatever else it found to eat in their back yard.


That being said it had a way different texture and taste than commercially grown turkeys.  The dark meat was super dark and the white meat was more like wild duck in texture.


It was kind of rubbery.


I smoked it at 225 in my mes 30 with apple wood.


Did I do something wrong to get this type of texture or is it just due to the fact it is a home raised bird that may even have been a cross between one of the many wild turkeys here?



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Nope, you did nothing wrong. The meats are darker because the bird was getting more exercise than commercial birds. The texture was because of the more active muscles as well. I would venture a guess the Flavor was much more intense as well. People pay a high premium for truly Free Range Turkeys. In the future a brine would help with juiciness and tenderness along with making sure it is not overcooked. look for an IT of 165-175°F in the Breast and Thighs and you should be fine...JJ

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Thank you, I am glad I didn't screw up.  We did brine it.  We'll have to see how other things home grown come out.



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