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Please forgive my ignorance, but I have what is sure to be a stupid question about generally estimating the time on a brisket.


I am smoking 2 flat cuts (about 4 lbs each) in a brinkmann electric with a blend of pecan and hickory (experimenting with different woods).  I hear the general estimate is 1.5 hours per pound.  The total time for 2 separate 4 lb cuts would be approx. 6 hours not 12 correct?  I know temp is the ultimate indicator but this will be the difference between starting tomorrow or just waiting until new years morning.


I have been able to glean a good bit of techniques from other posts but did not see an answer to this specific question.  Even still, any other feedback, tips, info would be well appreciated.


I am new to smoking so I thank you all for your patience.  I'd be happy to share some seafood recipes if you're interested.

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Yeah, about 6 hours. You don't multiply the hours times pieces of meat. You don't mention what you are cooking on but with brisket, you really should check them separately. You would be surprised how same weight cuts can cook differently. All the best to you.
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Thanks Geerock, that helps a lot. Will start up around 9am since I'm not serving until 7ish...will leaving plenty of time for panic, cold beverages and the old cooler finish. Can you leave it in the cooler too long? Obviously not talking more than 3-4 hours...
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4 hours is about the limit for 4 pounders. I've gone 5 with full packer briskets, but 4's will give up heat quicker. Make sure you add some liquid when you wrap them, get a blanket or heavy towel around them and then in the cooler. No peeking, just leave them be. Might want to have a bit of au jus ready for when you serve. And DO NOT slice until serving . You're gonna be a star after this.
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Thanks again! Hope so on the star part...last couple years everyone enjoyed my other conquests (1/2 hog over wood coals and smoked butts) but it could have been that underestimated time so badly they would have been happy to eat anything... Lol
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Brisket on!!! Trying a cast iron smoker box on the electric smoker and seems to be working well. Got the TBS going but temp is hovering around 200 so may take a little longer than expected. Any advice on how long to wait before taking first temp? There are 2 4lb flats, one on each shelf in brinkmann gourmet electric.

Happy New Year! I am sure there are a lot of great cooks going on today. Good luck to all!
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An hour in and the brand new (assembled last night) electric smoker is stuck at 190 now...any advice? Will the brisket finish at this temp and just take longer or am I at the beginning of trouble?
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What kind of electric you using? Let me it masterbuilt?
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Brinkmann Gourmet...the red one...not a weather thing...its almost 60 degrees and sunny and my charcoal is doing fine with the ribs...could it be because i pulled the meat straight out of fridge. If so, should it take this long to recover??
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NO it should not are you using an extension cord?  My old Brinkman would be back up to temp in about thirty minutes after opening it on a 30 degree day.  

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Yes, I am using an extension cord. Will that do it? Don't think I can avoid using one due to proximity to house.
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If you are relying on the OEM lid thermometer pay no attention to what it says.  It might be high, it might be low but what is certain is it is wrong.  Leave the brisket in smoke for at least 3 hours and check.  Between hours 3 and 4 you can finish in the oven if you are worried about your internal temp.

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Smoker had no thermometer so I installed a brand new one last night. Guess I'll just check it since its been about 3 hours and see where they are.
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Think I'm ok. Top was 140, bottom was 150. Going to foil them at 160 and finish to 190 and rest them in cooler until for 2-3 hours.
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Glad you got it under control but FYI yes a extension cord can cause issue such as lack of heat in a brinkmann gourmet, kinda depends on the cord itself.

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Thanks for the info! Would have never thought of that. I appreciate all the expert advice!
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