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smoking pellets

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Just wondering were is a good place to buy smoking pellets for my a-maze-n smoker tube thats not bad on shipping. thanks

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Just curious, do you have an issue with Todd's Pellets? He very frequently runs free shipping or 10-20% discounts that will make up for the shipping cost...JJ


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Big Poppa Smokers - 40 lbs for $45 for BBQ Delight.  I think they have $20 lb bags also.  As long as you spend 40 bucks its free shipping.  I've used all types of pellets as I have a pellet cooker and best flavor and least ash I have found is BBQ Delight.

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I ordered 5lbs of Todd's pit masters choice and I didn't think shipping was bad, to me it was cheaper than driving two hours round trip to find some.
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No problem with Todd's. I like the bbq delight. I will just keep an eye out for discount on shipping.
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If has their 100% hickory in stock they are hands down the best pellet I've used, and I've used quite a variety.
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