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Fages' Smoked Sausage

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21# Pork Butt Cut Up

5 Pounds ground coarse, the rest on a medium (1/4" I think)

Got to use my new gloves. First time mixing meat without getting frost bite.

Bowl o' guts

My trusty LEM stuffer has seen lots of meat in it's days.

All stuffed up.

Hanging to dry.

Ready to smoke in the dishwasher.

All done and cut up. I like to cut links for poboys and the ends are good to cook with like jambalaya, gumbo, etc.

A couple closeups.

Finally done and ready for the freezer.
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Nice....... very nice..........
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Who Wee those a pretty links. Nice job! 


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Great looking finished product, care to share the recipe?
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Great job on the sausage all the way around.  Love the smoker!!. Reinhard

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Looks great!!! Should make some great Po Boy Sandwees and Gumbo!
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Terrific looking sausage. Nice large batch too! Well done.



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Sausage looks great.......
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Wow Those look really nice! Impressive, Thanks for sharing! 

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