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Getting up to temp

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Being new to smoking I'm having trouble figuring out how to go about getting my smoker up to temp and when to put the wood chips in as well as the meat. I got the smoker up to temp and put the chips on and let it set for about half an hour but when I put the wings on the racks it lost all if the heat and didn't get back temp for another hour or so. Therefore I couldn't determine how long to keep the meat in there for because it wasn't a constant temp. Any suggestions?
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You are using an electric smoker. The 800W coil works fine but it is really cold in PA so recovery will take longer than usual. What many of us do is, in the winter heat the smoker to it's max temp, 275° in this case, then add the chips and the meat, as quickly as possible. Now set the unit to the temp you wish to cook at and let it go. This technique will help with recovery time...JJ


BTW...Please add your location to your profile. It helps us help you without having to go back to your Roll Call post.

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