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Woodchips - a few questions...

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My first time using the smoker today.  I'm going to do a Boston Butt 4.5lbs @225-245 for 6hrs.  I read some awesome helpful tips on preseason and rubs.  My quesion though is kinda ridiculous.


1. To soak or not to soak?  I'm using Applewood chips.

2. and this is the ridiculous often do you add?  I'm assuing when you stop seeing smoke coming out of the top vent?  Do I have to stand there or is a general rule one cup per hour thing?


Really excited I found this site!!! Everyone has been super informative and very helpful.  Thanks in advane for the response.  Getting really excited for my first smoke ever!

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Depending on the type of smoker you use... Usually boston butts and shoulders stop taking in smoke at about 140... Chips are best if they are soaked... Apple Juice and Pork is never wrong.... If you have chunks, they seem to work well for me on long cooks.... Let the smoke be your guide... 


I have a BGE and am doing brisket and ribs today... Up at 4:30am to have it ready by 12pm.... Best wishes friend... Happy smoking. 

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Thanks Chris!  I'm using a Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse 30".  I preseasoned it yesterday and this is my first time using it.  I'm gonna let the smoke be my guide as far as adding more chips.  Thanks for the help - good luck with your brisket and ribs

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You are seriously going to have to look at and purchase an a-maze-n smoker. You use wood pellets or saw dust and lite it once.....and you can have continuos smoke for 10-12 hours.

There is a link located on this site. Good luck.

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