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finally trying these!

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To date only thing I have smoked is Turkeys (with great success) made two, my bacon weave could use more bacon I think, do you guys wrap the ends?
But anyway did one pizza(Italian sausage, pepperoni, mozzarella, black olives and green Chile's, pizza sauce)
And a breakfast (breakfast sausage, scrambled eggs, hash browns, ham, green Chile's and a little cheese)

Didn't take one of the pizza one before, here's the breakfast and wrapped. Been on the smoker about 10 minutes with some incredible hickory!!
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You are really going to be happy with yourself when you taste them. Makes you want to figure out why no one ever cooked 'em for you before!

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1.5 hrs, almost 140°, moved them up a rack and put foil over the wood was flaming up
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I was going to mention the heavy smoke, but then I remembered you were using hickory.


I think I just smelled it!

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Yep got some amazing hickory chunks from my dad, both turned out really good and even look really good!
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  Those look wonderful ! Nice job! I know you will enjoy them.



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Lookin gud! Congrats

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Took some down to my parents and brother, my mom loved the breakfast and my brother loved the pizza but agreed with me the pepperoni, Italian sausage and bacon was a little overwhelming. So picked up a roll of canned pizza dough and crescent rolls, cut some slices and wrapped em then baked brushed them with garlic butter halfway through and used mccormicks Italian grinder seasoning on the pizza ones...added a bit of pizza sauce and Cheese before I wrapped, just what the pizza one needed!!

When I was at my brothers he was doing a Chuck roast that smelled and looked incredible, just out off curiosity I looked at the store and saw one with a gorgeous marbling, we'll be rubbing it down tomorrow night and smoking Wed!
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looks delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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