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Hi Team,

I got a jerky gun for x-mas.

I am looking at possibly getting a dehydrator........ It seems like using my stick smoker will be a challenge keeping the temps where they need to be for 12 hours.

If I purchase a dehydrated I want a decent one that works well and will last. With so many to look at and not knowing a thing about them. I was hoping to get some direction of a few models to concentrate on.

Thanks for any help.
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hey dog, I just bought a 5 rack digital dehydrator from the sausage maker. I have done fruit and jerky and love it. It does very nice jerky, I only rotate the racks one in a 12 hour cook on dehydrator. I seems to distribute the heat even.

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Have the cabelas 80 for 3 years now. No problems.
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80 liter Cabelas here also, have had it for 8-10 years, works great. Jerky in 7 to 8 hours usually. If you have the cash and room go for the larger one, I know I wish I would have, but have been making due with this one. And it doesn't get as much use as it used to.

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On the Cabela units. I read plenty reviews on the unit. A few stated rotating the trays is necessary for even cooking. Is this true?

Also saw that the tray rust after a few years?

What say you guys?
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I have a nesco dehydrator works great been using it for the past 9 years and I make jerky twice a month.

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I do rotate, but I think that is probably true with any of them, as the heat source is closer to some of the trays plus the venting makes the moist air push across the trays closer to it.

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I've had a cabellas for about 8 years now.  Love it - lots of capability and a great dehydrator.  I do rotate my racks to get a more even drying, but have also not done that a few times, the bottom racks dry a bit faster than the top ones.  I have no rust on any of my racks and I use it a lot every year.

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Thanks Guys!!!!!
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LEM has a SS model anyone has this one?
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I have a Cabelas 10 rack.. almost 3 years now... new still in the box... never used it yet....ggrrrrrrrrr
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I have the Sausage Makers D-10 dehydrator.... thermostatically controlled heat.... Fan forced air for even drying... I've had it for 6-7 years and use it about 3-4 months of the year for fruits and vegetables.... I use AMAZIN-MATZ from Todd to support sweet stuff like garlic when drying or parchment so stuff don't stick.... I use bobby pins to hold the parchment in place...
I love this dehydrator.... It's my 3rd ... the first 2 were the plastic convection type where racks had to be turned, rotated... what a PITA ....
The D-10 doesn't heed any turning as the temp control will cook/dry everything uniformly....
I did have the fan motor quit turning... I attribute that to living in the desert and very fine dust getting into it... all it took was one or 2 drops of oil in the bushing and it's up and running again....
If you can afford it, I highly recommend it.... You will not have to buy another dehydrator....

.... click on pic to enlarge .........

Basil drying on parchment with Todd's Q-Matz on top holding the Basil in place.....

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