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Hi all, I have a 30" Smoke Hollow electric smoker and the temp control is driving me nuts!

It's has a 1500 watt element and maybe that's too much for what I've been trying to do.

I can barely turn the controller dial and it goes way over what I think it should.

Right now, I'm smoking venison bacon using seasonings from Curleys and I have the dial between off and low and it's sorta holding a round 160 degrees, but it really swings up and down and if I turn it one click it goes over 200.

This makes it very difficult to control temps obviously.

I have a maverick et-73 with both probes connected and I'm smoking with the Amnps.

My question is weather or not this is anywhere near normal?  Doesn't seem like it to me.

I hate to have to spend another $185.00 for an Auber pid, but I don't see much choice other than building one and I'm not much of an electrician.

Is there any other type of controller that would give a little more control?

Example: My electric gridle that I just used to make pancakes on has a dial with 100 degree increments instead of low, medium and high. Something like that would be an improvement.

Thanks for any insight. Andy